Bondi on film

I do love using film and every so often I take out my old canon 35mm camera and use up a roll of film. The results can be so hit and miss, the last roll I took to be developed came back with a distinct Instagram makeover to them which was very annoying but last week I tried a different developer and I was very happy with the results. You can't beat the timeless quality and grain of film, it just isn't the same using a filter on your phone or a preset in Lightroom. Lets shoot more film in 2018, maybe do a month of film, any takers?

Street photography

Last week Leanne and I went into town and decided to do a bit of street photography for our blog - two takes -  It was fun experimenting with looking up, looking down and doing a bit of secretive pointing the camera at subjects then looking away. I took a couple of pictures of the girls on the stairs without them noticing and we had fun getting a little bit out of our comfort zone. Do have a look at two takes for our collage.

Vivd Sydney 2017

Each year at this time Sydney puts on the most remarkable light show at night and I got to photograph the wonders of the light show as part of a Canon collective event. We were lent a camera for the night and taken on a tour of great vantage points in the city where we were shown how to take long exposures, double exposures and create wonderful images from the fantastic light festival. I went with Leanne and we have put some pictures on our blog over at two takes so do take a look.  Here are some of my images from the night.

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